We are the Hunter Valley's choice for Agri Lending.Equipment Finance.Commercial Finance.Property Finance.Invoice Finance.Trade Finance.

At Berea Park Financial we advocate for you and your business like our lives depend on it. Because in actual fact they do, without you – there is no us.

Our team has the expertise, knowledge and desire to deliver the right financial solution tailored specifically to suit your own individual business needs.

We do this by putting you at the forefront of our thoughts so that we “eliminate the pain” dealing with the banks.

We are the Hunter Valley's choice for Agri Lending.Equipment Finance.Commercial Finance.Property Finance.Invoice Finance.Trade Finance.

Hunter Valley Vehicle, Plant & Equipment Finance.

Hunter Valley Vehicle, Plant & Equipment Finance.

Many businesses require plant & equipment in order to operate and make money. Whether you need a vehicle, digger/dozer or a custom piece of machinery for your industry we offer simple yet very economic solutions for your equipment needs:

Chattel Mortgage

A Chattel Mortgage is essentially a loan similar to a fixed rate traditional home loan or mortgage whereby the business owns the asset and can claim the GST (Input Tax Credit), and the finance provider uses the asset as  security for the loan. Once the loan is paid out the mortgage is lifted.

Commercial Hire Purchase

With Commercial Hire Purchase, the equipment is technically owned by the lender and you hire it for a fixed monthly repayment over a set period until such time as the loan is paid out and full ownership passes to your business.

Rent to Purchase

Rent-To-Purchase is a great option for new businesses to get easy access to funds, or for businesses that may not require the asset at the end of the minimum contract. Finance is secured against the equipment and after the completion of fixed monthly payments, the business can roll over the contract, hand back or buy back the asset from the lender.

Finance Lease

With this facility the lender buys equipment on your behalf and leases the asset back to the business for an agreed term of an amount per month which includes GST. At the end of the term, the business can roll over the loan, walk away or purchase. Flexibility is the key benefit of a Finance Lease.

Novated Lease

A Novated Lease is similar to a Finance Lease but includes an employee – wherein the Lender, your business and your Employee enter into an agreement. You as the employer makes the finance payments which reduces your employee’s salary to cover the lease obligation. If their employment ceases, the novated lease agreement is cancelled and the repayments are then made by the employee.

Operating Lease

An Operating Lease works like a rental agreement in that your business only pays for use of the asset. The lender takes the risk on the purchase and resale of the item, freeing up your business capital that may otherwise be tied up with asset ownership. Tax benefits may be available where the equipment is used to generate taxable income. Your business returns the vehicle at the end of the lease with no resale value risks.

Agri, Commercial/Industrial & Residential Property Finance.

If you are looking at purchasing a new property – Agricultural, Commercial/Industrial or Residential etc. – Berea Park Financial can help make this a seamless process.

With a choice of over 25 different lenders we can structure a property acquisition or refinance that’s well within your budget and risk profile. Whether the loan is interest only, principle and interest or a combination of both, we will ensure your most important purchase is tailored to your unique situation.

We can cater for traditional bank loans to commercial bill based lending and a plethora of different repayment options from monthly to annually cashflow specific.

Agri, Commercial/Industrial & Residential Property Finance.

Working Capital.

Working Capital.

If you need some funds to assist with ironing out the ups and downs of business trading then a working capital solution might be what you need.

If your terms of trade are putting your cash flow under strain, the stress can be alleviated with a Working Capital loan. Typically these facilities require security in the form of residential or commercial properties, however there are alternatives if you don’t want to use these as collateral.

Working capital loans are an effective way to remain agile as a business – Berea Park Financial can match the best working capital facility to your requirement.

Trade Finance.

If your business imports or exports goods, Trade Finance can keep it moving when your money is tied up in shipments of goods that could take weeks to arrive before receiving payment.

Typically speaking a solution of this style does not require additional security but dependant on your suppliers terms this may be beneficial to you in the longer run.

We have many years experience assisting businesses reduce payment risk and pressure. We can also aid the minimisation of your counterparty risk by helping you negotiate better terms with your suppliers and put the balance of power back in your hands.

Trade Finance.

Our Story.

Berea Park Financial is a Hunter Valley based business that was conceived by Financial Advocate Paul Herrmann who commenced his career in Corporate Finance back in 2005. 15 years of experience later and well in excess of $500 million funded across SME, Corporate and Institutional businesses, Paul has honed his skills to execute on the specific business needs of his clients.

Paul is tertiary educated at the University of New England, enjoys chasing three little boys around and prides himself on conducting a no nonsense, straight speaking style of business where an “honest question gets an honest answer”.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Everyone’s situation varies and each transaction is different however generally you do not need additional security.

All in all, rates are historically low now, so do your research and if still in doubt give Berea Park Financial a call to discuss.

Normally speaking pre-approved limits for both Equipment and Property is the best way to handle time-critical purchases. Sometimes you don’t have time and you need to move fast, so in these instances normal turnaround times are between 3-4 business days and you’ll be on your way.

Yes, the majority of lenders are happy to listen when you have been in business for at least 12 months. Conditions vary from business to business so why don’t you pick up the phone and lets have a chat.

Is your Question still not answered?

Contact Berea Park. Our team is always happy to answer any questions you may have about financing 


I first met Paul when he became our local bank manager in 2009. He immediately impressed me with his personal characteristics of good manners and professionalism. Soon after he impressed me with his acumen and punctuality, and the ability to deliver an uncomplicated solution to my rural and commercial businesses efficiently and ahead of time. Since then, Paul has worn different professional hats, and with each of those his knowledge of finance and desire to secure an outcome for his customers, make him unique in that through his strength and determination he exceeds his delivery objectives every time. On a personal level, it also became apparent from the outset that the relationship would grow beyond a commercial relationship. Paul has become a good friend and our family will always remember the good times we have spent outside of business hours.

Nick Holcombe, Managing Director

I’m the second generation in my business which was built from my father’s hard work and trusted people within his organisation. Whilst I have only been working with Paul for a few years I find his level of honesty, transparency and willingness to not only promote our business to financiers but also to his own customer base refreshing. Someone in sales that looks out for his customers interest before his own is a very unique trait and one that is in short supply. Paul continues to be front of mind when we are looking for specific assets, as a large part of our business is handled by our own bank currently, as more time and interaction occurs I’m confident this will eventually come under scrutiny by this energetic and consistent finance professional.

Brad Noble, Managing Director

Having known and worked with Paul and Loren Herrmann for over 15 years I have found their level of intent to help our business succeed inspiring. Weekend meetings, after hours phone calls and visits as well as a family feel to how these guys do business is nothing short of “rare” these days. Paul is an exceptional listener and even better advocate to have by your side when things need to get done and you can’t wait for the lenders to work within their hours. Paul has continued to show up for us over a long period of time and it is with great pleasure we think of him whenever we have a financial decision that needs some ‘proofing” to ensure its soundness.

We thoroughly recommend Berea Park Financial to assist with your next asset or property purchase, Paul has been shouldering the “Bank burden” for us for a long time and we hope this continues long into the future.

Katie Jackson, Principal

I’ve known Paul Herrmann both personally and professionally since 2009 and over this period of time we have completely over several property and equipment related acquisitions together. I find Paul’s honesty and clear thinking to be a breath of fresh air, to have someone who wants to see not only your business succeed but genuinely help you on the journey is empowering to say the least.

I’ve had multiple businesses over the last 11 years from a high turnover commercial business to a broad acre farming operation yet Paul’s interest in what I’m doing and how he can assist to make the financial side of our business run smoother has been unwavering.

I can’t recommend Paul’s desire to “roll his sleeves up” and get involved high enough, I am just somewhat disappointed it took me so long to come across him. I’ve even recommended him to family members which is the level of confidence I share with his abilities, all in all a very good operator with an even better family.

Craig Sciban, Managing Director

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